Chivas USA Takes a Few Steps in the Right Direction

Chivas USA is having one of it’s most noticeably awful seasons since it’s debut season in 2004. The club is in last spot in Major League Soccer’s Western Conference and has truly been battling unpalatably. The club has simply had the option to score 15 objectives in 14 games this season and shockingly for Chivas USA the club has additionally battled protectively.

Chivas USA is in urgent need of a striker that can reliably view as the rear of the net. Scoring 14 objectives in 15 games won’t cut it in Major League Soccer and to say that the Chivas USA offense is iron deficient would be a gross odd take on the cold, hard truth.

Maykel Galindo, Maicon Santos and a large group of others have been busts at the forward spot for the Chivas and sadly Sacha Kljestan has been not able to satisfy his maximum capacity while playing for Chivas USA and only half a month prior he reported that he would leave for Europe…

Sacha Kljestan barely missed making the World Cup this year and he’s definitely not been the play producer that so many Chivas USA fans anticipated that he should be and the transition to Europe is an extreme one for Chivas fans to acknowledge in light of the fact that it truly leaves the group with an ability channel. Kljestan passing on to Europe was certainly not a positive development for Chivas however a difference in view may have been by and large what Kljestan required.

One striker Chivas fans will not be missing is as of late delivered striker Maicon Santos whom the goats delivered about seven days prior. The club felt open to delivering Maicon Santos in light of the new play of youthful, 23 year old striker Justin Braun who is a major striker at 6’3 with a major foot. เว็บพนันบอล Online

Braun began the season behind both Maicon Santos and Maykel Galindo on the profundity outline and assumed control over the beginning striker position two or three weeks prior. While Santos simply didn’t cut it in MLS, Maykel Galindo is a player who has encountered accomplishment at the MLS level and hasn’t had the option to imitate it. Eventually I dread Chivas may likewise need to cut binds with Galindo on the grounds that he hasn’t shown the unadulterated speed and ability that he showed several seasons back.

The primary endeavor by the goats to answer their scoring difficulties is the marking of 28 year old Venezuelan striker Giancarlo Maldonado. The way that he’s thriving and not strolling around with a stick was a shock to me on the grounds that Chivas has normally marked players that were past their time or toward the finish of their professions. Giancarlo Maldonado has a real shot at scoring objectives for Chivas USA and is a positive development for Chivas USA.

One more positive development for Chivas was bringing back cautious midfielder Paulo Nagamura. Nagamura alongside Jesse Marsch, who resigned this previous season, monitored the protective midfield for Chivas for the beyond couple of seasons and it was a gigantic misfortune for the club when Marsch resigned and Nagamura left to play in Mexico. Losing these two players was an immense misfortune for Chivas USA protectively and ideally bringing Paulo Nagamura back will assist shore with increasing the guard.

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