College Football – All 3 Main Washington Teams Get Scorched, Outscored by Only 140-7

The State of Washington’s three primary football crews the Washington Huskies, the Washington State Cougars and the Seattle Seahawks-all lost last end of the week by a consolidated score of 140-7 (not a misprint).

The No. 7 Southern California Trojans shut out the Huskies 56-0. How terrible was it? Indeed, the Huskies turned the ball more than 3 times and Southern Cal scored scores on its initial 6 assets of the game.

It was the Huskies first shutout since a 38-0 misfortune at Southern Cal in 2001, their most noticeably awful misfortune since their 65-7 fiasco at Miami in 2001, and their most exceedingly awful shutout misfortune since a 58-0 beating they took at Oregon in 1973. The Huskies have been outscored this season 113 to 333. Indeed, they have no offense, no protection, no exceptional groups play and no evident instructing results.

Washington mentor Tyrone Willingham has been advised to take off after this season yet decided to stick around for the last 4 games prior to withdrawing. This strategy has a few fans and supporters scratching their head, contemplating whether this has not turned into a putrefying sore in a particularly bad climate.

The Stanford Cardinal shutout the Cougars 59-0. How terrible was it? Indeed, the Cougars had 4 turnovers and 3 dropped passes that gave Stanford a speedy 31-0 lead and things only sort of went easy from now on. แข่งรถทัวริ่ง

There are 3 additional Pac 10 games staying on the Cougars’ timetable yet they have effectively broken the Pac 10 Conference record for most focuses permitted in association games-an incredible 350.

The Conference records date from 1916. Who can say for sure the number of more focuses the Cougars will add to their new record before this season leniently reaches a conclusion. By and large, the Cougars have been outscored this season 111 to 443.

The Seahawks were scorched at home by the Philadelphia Eagles, 26-7. Were it not intended for a 90-yard, unparalleled pass and run play from Seneca Wallace to Koren Robinson on Seattle’s first play of the game, the three Washington groups would have been shutout 140-0. The Seahawks have been outscored this season 151 to 210.

The Washington Huskies are 0-8 so far, the Washington State Cougars 1-8 and the Seattle Seahawks 2-6. Their consolidated record is 3-22. The three groups have been outscored by a consolidated 375 to 986.

It isn’t the year for football in Washington. A whole games discouragement looms over the state like a plague in the Middle Ages.

The Seattle Mariners lost in excess of 100 games this year with a $100 million finance, establishing a significant association record for venture vanity. The Seattle Supersonics were captured away and surfaced as the Oklahoma City Thunder.

At the point when you include the back to back misfortunes between the three fundamental Washington groups referenced, the number is 14. Fourteen straight misfortunes. In case that isn’t some sort of record, it ought to be.

Is there seemingly no end in sight? We will discover this end of the week when the Huskies face Arizona State, the Cougars face Arizona, and the Seahawks face Miami. A few people would not allow you 2 pennies for the opportunities of any of them winning. It very well might be the principal political decision headache since Barack Obama became President-elect of the United States.

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